podpac.coordinates.crange(start, stop, step, name=None)[source]

Create uniformly-spaced 1d coordinates with a start, stop, and step.

For numerical coordinates, the start, stop, and step are converted to float. For time coordinates, the start and stop are converted to numpy datetime64, and the step is converted to numpy timedelta64. For convenience, podpac automatically converts datetime strings such as '2018-01-01' to datetime64 and timedelta strings such as '1,D' to timedelta64.

  • start (float, datetime64, datetime, str) – Start coordinate.

  • stop (float, datetime64, datetime, str) – Stop coordinate.

  • step (float, timedelta64, timedelta, str) – Signed, non-zero step between coordinates.

  • name (str, optional) – Dimension name.


Uniformly-spaced 1d coordinates.

Return type