The purpose of this release was to make the software more robust and to improve the Drought Monitor Application.


  • Algorithm arrays can now be multi-threaded. This allows an algorithm with multiple S3 data sources to fetch the data in parallel before doing the computation, speeding up the process. See #343

  • Improvements to AWS interface. See #336

  • Added budgeting / billing capability to manage AWS resources. See #361

  • Added GeoTIFF export / import capability. Lots of work with geotransforms in the Coordinates object. See #364.

  • Nodes can now have multiple output channels. This support multispectral or multichannel data. See #348.

Bug Fixes

  • When intersecting time coordinate of different precision, no intersection would result. See #344

  • Fixed Array datasource serialization 55fcf30

Breaking Changes

  • The H5PY, CSV, and Zarr nodes interfaces were unified as such, the following attributes have changed:

    • datakey –> data_key

    • latkey –> lat_key

    • lonkey –> lon_key

    • altkey –> alt_key

    • timekey –> time_key

    • keys –> available_keys

    • CSV.lat_col –> lat_key

    • CSV.lon_col –> lon_key

    • CSV.time_col –> time_key

    • CSV.alt_col –> alt_key



The purpose of this release was to develop a short course for AMS2020. A major feature of this release is automated creation of the PODPAC Lambda function. As part of this we implemented a few more additional features, and fixed a number of bugs.


  • Automated Lambda Function creation using PODPAC. See #326, #306

  • Added a context manager for easy temporary settings. See #329

  • Added generic algorithm module with Mask and Generic nodes. See #325, #323

    • Note, this required the new unsafe evaluation setting ce8dd68355c1635214644bb5295325918493da63 bbe251a893212ea42b8c41103330e6dad0e235fe

  • Added styles to node serialization, enabling customization of WMS layers. See #317

  • Made mode attr’s read-only by default. See #315

  • Updated the definition of advanced interpolation for nodes 05163b44ca7ab66729150991bf7a6995382e3c35

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected string comparison in AWS Lambda function 7dbaf3f7d79c740cb00a37580fed259d59472e55

  • _first_init usage should have called super c02dc0387fe3de9223bfac6165d7bc60922982d4

  • Made style definition consistent 279eab9c40abcd8e8fb49afe366d28058391cfc6

  • Fixed DroughtCategory algorithm – the upper limit was not correct 9b92bb70b9e9de96d68ed67c4f3b053f71052229

  • Fixed failure on pre-commit hook installation for dev version of podpac aebe6b0e1db39c802e5613582774594c225c6ff1 #322

  • Fixed to interpolation #320 f9ad4936a8df0ce9a46f12a7c71b8c50d2ef0701 f9ad4936a8df0ce9a46f12a7c71b8c50d2ef0701 fadf939db1f679594d22690da7a58c6554705440

  • Fixed error due to missing quality flag in SMAP(EGI) node 26fcb169bd1b137c51d00aa0bc7ddd2f1ae686d8

Breaking Changes

  • The Pipeline Node is being deprecated, targeted for 2.0 release. Use Node.from_json instead.


  • BUG: Fix version.HOTFIX

  • DOC: Add a release procedure (


  • DOC: Add user guide for Settings

  • DOC: Improve Documentation For Nodes (#57)

  • DOC: Deploy documentation site to

  • TEST: Add coordinate testing (#3)

  • ENH: Cache evaluation results and check the cache before evaluating (#125)

  • ENH: Add datalib for TerrainTiles

  • ENH: Add datalib for GFS

  • ENH: AWS - Update Dockerfile for AWS Lambda to support podpac changes


  • BUG: Fix unit tests with renamed decorator

  • BUG: Fix file path sanitization

  • ENH: Make SMAP_BASE_URL check lazy to avoid warning at import

  • ENH: Remove deprecated caching methods from Node


Initial public release