Development Roadmap


PODPAC is in alpha development right now. We are in the middle of a 2-year effort to build this software. The goal for year 1 is to complete all of the core features. In year 2 we plan to build on top of the base functionality to support various earth science applications.

Management of Development

We use Github Projects to manage development of different PODPAC versions. To get a sense of where this project is going, feel free to have a look, and make suggestions for features in upcoming versions.

When features / bugs are identified through Github issues, they will be added to the relevant project. The features and bugs will be prioritized, and targeted for a release. In some cases, minor releases will be created to fix important bugs.

Versioning scheme

We use the following versioning format: Major.minor.hotfix+hash

  • Major:

    • For major releases > 1, the interface will remain backwards compatible

    • As an exception to this, the 0.x.x releases (pre-feature-complete) are not guaranteed to be backwards compatibility

  • Minor:

    • Each minor release adds requested features, and fixes known bugs

  • hotfix:

    • Hotfix releases fix high priority bugs

  • +hash:

    • During development, the git hash is appended to the end of the version

    • This allows a particular point in the development to be referenced

    • Tagged releases will not include this hash