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Array Datasource

from __future__ import division, unicode_literals, print_function, absolute_import

import warnings
from collections import OrderedDict
from six import string_types

import numpy as np
import traitlets as tl
import pandas as pd  # Core dependency of xarray

from podpac.core.utils import common_doc, ArrayTrait
from podpac.core.cache import CacheCtrl
from podpac.core.node import NoCacheMixin
from podpac.core.coordinates import Coordinates
from import COMMON_DATA_DOC, DataSource
from podpac.core.interpolation.interpolation import InterpolationMixin

class ArrayRaw(NoCacheMixin, DataSource):
    """Create a DataSource from an array -- this node is mostly meant for small experiments

    source : np.ndarray
        Numpy array containing the source data
    coordinates : podpac.Coordinates
        The coordinates of the source data

    `coordinates` need to supplied by the user when instantiating this node.

    See Also
    Array : Interpolated array datasource.

    This Node is not meant for large arrays, and cause issues with caching. As such, this Node override the default
    cache behavior as having no cache -- its data is in RAM already and caching is not helpful.

    >>> # Create a time series of 10 32x34 images with R-G-B channels
    >>> import numpy as np
    >>> import podpac
    >>> data = np.random.rand(10, 32, 34, 3)
    >>> coords = podpac.Coordinates([podpac.clinspace(1, 10, 10, 'time'),
                                     podpac.clinspace(1, 32, 32, 'lat'),
                                     podpac.clinspace(1, 34, 34, 'lon')])
    >>> node =, coordinates=coords, outputs=['R', 'G', 'B'])
    >>> output = node.eval(coords)

    source = ArrayTrait().tag(attr=True, required=True)
    coordinates = tl.Instance(Coordinates).tag(attr=True, required=True)

    _repr_keys = ["shape"]

    def _validate_source(self, d):
            raise ValueError("Array 'source' data must be numerical")
        return d["value"]

    def _first_init(self, **kwargs):
        # If the coordinates were supplied explicitly, they may need to be deserialized.
        if isinstance(kwargs.get("coordinates"), OrderedDict):
            kwargs["coordinates"] = Coordinates.from_definition(kwargs["coordinates"])
        elif isinstance(kwargs.get("coordinates"), string_types):
            kwargs["coordinates"] = Coordinates.from_json(kwargs["coordinates"])

        return kwargs

    def shape(self):
        """Returns the shape of :attr:`self.array`

            Shape of :attr:`self.array`
        return self.source.shape

    def get_data(self, coordinates, coordinates_index):
        d = self.create_output_array(coordinates, data=self.source[coordinates_index])
        return d

    def set_coordinates(self, value):
        """Not needed."""

[docs]class Array(InterpolationMixin, ArrayRaw): """Array datasource with interpolation.""" pass