PODPAC settings are accessed through the podpac.settings module. The settings are stored in a dictionary format:

from podpac import settings


>>> {
        'DEBUG': False,
        'CACHE_DIR': None,
        'CACHE_TO_S3': False,
        'ROOT_PATH': '/Users/user/.podpac',
        'AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID': None,
        'AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY': None,
        'AWS_REGION_NAME': None,
        'S3_BUCKET_NAME': None,
        'S3_JSON_FOLDER': None,
        'S3_OUTPUT_FOLDER': None,
        'AUTOSAVE_SETTINGS': False

These settings can be pre-configured by creating a custom settings.json in the current working directory, the podpac root directory, or a directory specified by the user at runtime.

Load Settings from Default Paths

You can override default podpac settings by creating a settings.json file in one of two places:

  • the podpac ROOT_PATH. By default this is a .podpac directory in the users home directory (i.e. ~/.podpac/settings.json).
  • the current working directory (i.e. ./settings.json)

If settings.json files exist in multiple places, podpac will load settings in the following order, overwriting previously loaded settings in the process:

  • podpac default settings
  • home directory settings (~/.podpac/settings.json)
  • current working directory settings (./settings.json)

Load Settings from a Custom Path

You can also load a settings.json file from outside of the podpac ROOT_PATH or current working directory using the settings.load() method:

from podpac import settings

settings.load(path='custom/path/', filename='settings.json')

Active Settings File

The attribute settings.settings_path shows the path of the last loaded settings file (e.g. the active settings file).

from podpac import settings


Save Settings

The active settings file (settings.settings_path) can be saved by using the method:

from podpac import settings

# writes out current settings dictionary to json file at settings.settings_path

To keep the active settings file updated as changes are made to the settings dictionary at runtime, set the property settings['AUTOSAVE_SETTINGS'] field to True.

Default Settings

The default settings can be accessed on the settings.defaults attribute.

from podpac import settings