API Reference

Top Level Imports

podpac.Node(**kwargs) The base class for all Nodes, which defines the common interface for everything.
podpac.Coordinates(coords[, dims, …]) Multidimensional Coordinates.


podpac.Node(**kwargs) The base class for all Nodes, which defines the common interface for everything.
podpac.NodeException Summary


podpac.coordinates.Coordinates(coords[, …]) Multidimensional Coordinates.
podpac.coordinates.Coordinates1d([name, …]) Base class for 1-dimensional coordinates.
podpac.coordinates.ArrayCoordinates1d(coords) 1-dimensional array of coordinates.
podpac.coordinates.UniformCoordinates1d(…) 1-dimensional array of uniformly-spaced coordinates defined by a start, stop, and step.
podpac.coordinates.StackedCoordinates(coords) Stacked coordinates.
podpac.coordinates.GroupCoordinates(coords_list) List of multi-dimensional Coordinates.


podpac.coordinates.crange(start, stop, step) Create uniformly-spaced 1d coordinates with a start, stop, and step.
podpac.coordinates.clinspace(start, stop, size) Create uniformly-spaced 1d or stacked coordinates with a start, stop, and size.
podpac.coordinates.merge_dims(coords_list) Merge the coordinates.
podpac.coordinates.concat(coords_list) Combine the given coordinates by concatenating coordinate values in each dimension.
podpac.coordinates.union(coords_list) Combine the given coordinates by collecting the unique, sorted coordinate values in each dimension.

Data Sources

Data Types

podpac.data.Array(**kwargs) Create a DataSource from an array
podpac.data.PyDAP(**kwargs) Create a DataSource from an OpenDAP server feed.
podpac.data.Rasterio(**kwargs) Create a DataSource using Rasterio.
podpac.data.WCS(**kwargs) Create a DataSource from an OGC-complient WCS service
podpac.data.ReprojectedSource(**kwargs) Create a DataSource with a different resolution from another Node.
podpac.data.S3(**kwargs) Create a DataSource from a file on an S3 Bucket.
podpac.data.H5PY(**kwargs) Create a DataSource node using h5py.


podpac.data.DataSource(**kwargs) Base node for any data obtained directly from a single source.
podpac.data.Interpolation([definition]) Create an interpolation class to handle one interpolation method per unstacked dimension.
podpac.data.InterpolationException Custom label for interpolator exceptions
podpac.data.INTERPOLATION_DEFAULT str(object=’‘) -> str str(bytes_or_buffer[, encoding[, errors]]) -> str


podpac.interpolators.Interpolator(**kwargs) Interpolation Method
podpac.interpolators.NearestNeighbor(**kwargs) Nearest Neighbor Interpolation
podpac.interpolators.NearestPreview(**kwargs) Nearest Neighbor (Preview) Interpolation
podpac.interpolators.Rasterio(**kwargs) Rasterio Interpolation
podpac.interpolators.ScipyGrid(**kwargs) Scipy Interpolation
podpac.interpolators.ScipyPoint(**kwargs) Scipy Point Interpolation


podpac.pipeline.Pipeline(**kwargs) Node defined by a JSON definition.
podpac.pipeline.PipelineError Raised when parsing a Pipeline definition fails.

Pipeline Outputs

podpac.pipeline.Output(*args, **kwargs) Base class for Pipeline Outputs.
podpac.pipeline.NoOutput(node, name) No Output
podpac.pipeline.FileOutput(node, name[, …]) Output a file to the local filesystem.
podpac.pipeline.FTPOutput(node, name[, url, …]) Output a file and send over FTP.
podpac.pipeline.S3Output(node, name[, …]) Output a file and send to S3
podpac.pipeline.ImageOutput(node, name[, …]) Output an image in RAM

Algorithm Nodes

podpac.algorithm.Algorithm(**kwargs) Base class for algorithm and computation nodes.

General Purpose

podpac.algorithm.Arithmetic(**kwargs) Create a simple point-by-point computation of up to 7 different input nodes.
podpac.algorithm.SinCoords(**kwargs) A simple test node that creates a data based on coordinates and trigonometric (sin) functions.
podpac.algorithm.Arange(**kwargs) A simple test node that gives each value in the output a number.
podpac.algorithm.CoordData(**kwargs) Extracts the coordinates from a request and makes it available as a data

Statistical Methods

podpac.algorithm.Min(**kwargs) Computes the minimum across dimension(s)
podpac.algorithm.Max(**kwargs) Computes the maximum across dimension(s)
podpac.algorithm.Sum(**kwargs) Computes the sum across dimension(s)
podpac.algorithm.Count(**kwargs) Counts the finite values across dimension(s)
podpac.algorithm.Mean(**kwargs) Computes the mean across dimension(s)
podpac.algorithm.Median(**kwargs) Computes the median across dimension(s)
podpac.algorithm.Variance(**kwargs) Computes the variance across dimension(s)
podpac.algorithm.StandardDeviation(**kwargs) Computes the standard deviation across dimension(s)
podpac.algorithm.Skew(**kwargs) Computes the skew across dimension(s)
podpac.algorithm.Kurtosis(**kwargs) Computes the kurtosis across dimension(s)
podpac.algorithm.DayOfYear(**kwargs) Group a time-dependent source node by day of year and compute a statistic for each group.
podpac.algorithm.GroupReduce(**kwargs) Group a time-dependent source node and then compute a statistic for each result.

Coordinates Modification

podpac.algorithm.ExpandCoordinates(**kwargs) Evaluate a source node with expanded coordinates.
podpac.algorithm.SelectCoordinates(**kwargs) Evaluate a source node with select coordinates.

Signal Processing

podpac.algorithm.Convolution(**kwargs) Compute a general convolution over a source node.
podpac.algorithm.SpatialConvolution(**kwargs) Compute a lat-lon convolution over a source node.
podpac.algorithm.TimeConvolution(**kwargs) Compute a temporal convolution over a source node.

Compositor Nodes

podpac.compositor.OrderedCompositor(**kwargs) Compositor that combines sources based on their order in self.sources.


podpac.datalib.smap Specialized PODPAC nodes use to access SMAP data via OpenDAP from nsidc.
podpac.datalib.SMAP(**kwargs) Compositor of all the SMAPDateFolder’s for every available SMAP date.
podpac.datalib.SMAPBestAvailable(**kwargs) Compositor of SMAP-Sentinel and the Level 4 SMAP Analysis Update soil moisture
podpac.datalib.SMAPSource(**kwargs) Accesses SMAP data given a specific openDAP URL.
podpac.datalib.SMAPPorosity(**kwargs) Retrieve the specific SMAP property: Porosity
podpac.datalib.SMAPProperties(**kwargs) Accesses properties related to the generation of SMAP products.
podpac.datalib.SMAPWilt(**kwargs) Retrieve the specific SMAP property: Wilting Point
podpac.datalib.SMAP_PRODUCT_MAP N-dimensional array with labeled coordinates and dimensions.



podpac.authentication.EarthDataSession([…]) Modified from: https://wiki.earthdata.nasa.gov/display/EL/How+To+Access+Data+With+Python overriding requests.Session.rebuild_auth to maintain headers when redirected


podpac.settings Persistently stored podpac settings


podpac.utils Utils Summary


podpac.version.semver() Return semantic version of current PODPAC installation
podpac.version.version() Retrieve PODPAC semantic version as string
podpac.version.VERSION tuple() -> empty tuple tuple(iterable) -> tuple initialized from iterable’s items
podpac.version.VERSION_INFO Dictionary that remembers insertion order